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    Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

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    Simon Prades

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 Salvador Dali
A Couple with their Heads full of Clouds (1936) 

     Salvador Dali

    A Couple with their Heads full of Clouds (1936) 

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    Landscape modification structure /  Scenario Architecture

    This temporary conceptual installation discovers hidden space in two simple actions; cut and pull.The lightweight structural insertion is capable of supporting landscape skins of changing environments and exposing real or magical/ imaginary spaces hidden under the surface.

    On the beach at Dungeness, the shingles covering the structure provided a mini shelter making it look like it was dug into the ground. Using the stone of the site as cladding formed a camouflaged space during the day. At night, light shone through the perforated stone skin exposing a gem like object on the beach.

    Placed in a playground, Stockwell London, the surface tore the lawn to discover a ‘hidden’ play space which uncovered a surprise – a layer of colourful shingles under the ground.


    Esta instalación conceptual temporal descubre espacio escondido en dos acciones sencillas; cortar y tirar. De ligera inserción estructural es capaz de soportar las pieles del paisaje de los cambios del entorno y la exposición de espacios reales o mágicos / imaginarios ocultos bajo la superficie.

    En la playa de Dungeness, las tejas que cubren la estructura proporciona una mini vivienda haciendo que parezca que fue excavado en la tierra. El uso de la piedra del lugar como revestimiento forma un espacio camuflado durante el día. Por la noche, la luz brillaba a través de la piel de piedra perforada exponiendo una joya como objeto en la playa.

    Situado en un parque infantil, Stockwell Londres, la superficie se rompió el césped para descubrir un espacio de juego oculto’ que dejó al descubierto una sorpresa - una capa de tejas de colores bajo el suelo.

    Título de Postgrado en Instalaciones Efímeras

    Mas información en: www.instalacionesefimeras.com

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    Time Stacks by Matt Molloy

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Luis Camnitzer - The Photograph (1981)


    Luis Camnitzer - The Photograph (1981)

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    [Image one: black and white photo of Frida Kahlo holding a palette and sitting in a wheelchair, with her surgeon at her side, next to her portrait Portrait with a Portrait with Dr. Fandrill.] 

    [Image two: Frida Kahlo’s painting The Broken Column, showing her nude, with a harness around her body, and a sheet covering her lower body. Her spine is visible through her opened flesh, and screws puncture her skin all over her body, while a barren landscape sits behind her.]

    [Image three: black and white photo of Frida Kahlo laying in bed, holding a palette and painting her body cast.]

    [Image four: photo of wheelchair and easel used by Frida Kahlo in the last years of her life.]

    [Image five: black and white photo of Frida Kahlo in her last public appearance, in a protest against the CIA military coup that overthrew the elected government of Guatemala. She holds a sign in one hand and gives a salute of a clenched fist while sitting in her wheelchair with a scarf wrapped around her head. A group of people surround her, along with her husband, Diego Rivera, who stands behind her with his hand on her shoulder.]

    [Image six: Drawing by Kahlo, The Accident, done in 1926, portraying the bus accident she was in in 1925, at age 18. It shows Frida laying in a plaster cast on a stretcher, in front of her home, Casa Azul; the accident itself is shown above, as a trolley collides into her school bus, with several bodies laying on the ground, while her disembodied head looks over all of it as a witness. The date of her injury and the name of the drawing are written at the bottom.]

    Frida Kahlo for disabilityfest!

    In keeping up with Frida’s 107th birthday today, here’s taking a few short glimpses at her relationship with disability, pain, and illness through photography and her artwork. 

    For the sake of length and accessibility, I’ll link to some interesting and informative writings on Frida’s life + disability [while they are, unfortunately, quite long, I hope the language is accessible enough to compensate for their length]:

    Frida Kahlo: A Biography

    The Disabled Body in Julie Taymor’s Frida

    Fashion, Identity, Disability: The Style of Frida Kahlo

    In addition, here is quite an excellent documentary on her life: The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo. The closed-captioning is not the absolute best, but it will translate it into quite a number of different languages.

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